lili maglione

Artist's Statement

lili maglione

I feel that art should stress the beauty and dignity of life. The inner vision of an artist allows us to take license with any visual truth, but what is basic for me is the poetic flow. A painting should ideally arouse the senses and stir the viewer's feelings and imagination the way a poem or music does. A painting can evoke high thoughts and inspire us to the better things of life. Paintings, including abstractions do this with color, shapes, brush strokes, design elements and composition. All of these factors can effect the emotions.

I always paint by natural light, in the studio, alone, without distractions. I sketch directly with paint and brush on stretched canvas using a limited palette and applying paint in layers. Classical music always plays in the background.

I find painting to be very consuming. That means it is not just what I am thinking and doing in the studio but what I am observing, imagining, and planning when I am away from the studio. The painting I am working on at the time is the one that I want to be the most successful, the most satisfying ever. Whether this happens or not, the ultimate allure is the creative act it-self. I accept that pleasure and allow it to keep me motivated and focused.